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Investment servicing

Every day, decisions are made about new investments. Detailled information about new investments can be found in the bulletins of information agencies such as Infoinwest, Bizzone or TAI.

We have developed a solution, which makes it possible to automatically evalaute and transfer the servicing task of a new investment directly from the bulletin to the trader. Thanks to better organisation, tasks are assigned to the traders after just a couple of minutes and not a couple of days. The implementation of our solution usually takes no more than 6 to 8 weeks.

Benefits from using our solution:

* Higher sales resulting from faster and more precise information about new, planned investments – our solution is integrated into the investment reports of Infoinwest, Bizzone, Business Poland (Biznes Polska), and the Telephone Information Agency (Telefoniczna Agencja Informacyjna i Oferenta),

* Examination of running and planned sales processes - reporting, possibility of looking at phases of individual investments, and all previous actions,

* Improvement in internal communication through integration into the systems already operation in a company,

* Improved effectiveness of trading through analysis, use of previous sales data,

* Faster access to information about new investments by using processes, which support cooperation between project participants and architects,

* Eases the work of head office employees through the possibility to work on the move with mobile phones or with another device that that allows access to Internet Explorer,

* Better monitoring of the investment process through the control of the actions of individual traders.

These are only examples of the benefits to be gained from our solution. We are aware of the fact that the construction industry is developing very fast and needs modern tools to optimise its own business.

In line with market expectations, we would like to offer you a solution that allows us to act in a customer-oriented way through better management of the servicing process of an investment (e.g. the sales area, on completion of sale, order processing).